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The Mi Pro5000 Series

The Mi Company had it’s beginnings in 1947. Our founders cared about delivering the best products. In addition, we serve our customers at a level that can’t be found anywhere else. Ingrained in our culture from the start is the ideal of putting people first. Most importantly, it’s one we deliver every day.

Discount Windows would like to highlight the very affordable and well built builder grade window: The Mi Pro5000 Series.
  • There are 3 quality vinyl window options to choose from and 3 different price points.
  • These builder quality windows are extremely well built.

Specific product and warranty  information for the Mi Windows Pro5000 Series here:

Single-Hung New Window

The Professional 5500 vinyl single-hung is a contractor-friendly window that combines:

  • thermal performance
  • long-term durability
  • narrow sight lines
  • modern aesthetics.

As a Replacement Window

As a replacement window, the Pro5500 single-hung window is a cost-effective and energy-efficient. Furthermore, it’s a choice that will enhance the value and performance of your home. The dead-air space within the window is created by:

  • welded vinyl
  • multi-chambered mainframe
  • sash
  • the individual stile is insulated.

This makes the 5500 the perfect solution for any new home construction or remodeling and replacement project.

New windows
New Windows

Picture Window

The 5610 vinyl picture window offers superior style and traditional craftsmanship. Additionally, there are features like beveled exterior edges and a welded vinyl mainframe.

The 5610 vinyl picture window is ENERGY STAR-qualified in three U.S. climate zones. With narrow sight lines for a modern aesthetic, the 5610 picture window allows you to enjoy those beautiful views fully. The Picture Window 5610 by Mi Window will bring the world into your home with style. In addition, there are numerous shape options and grid patterns.

Single-Slider New Window

The Pro5000 series windows deliver energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal for either application. This is true whether you are looking for replacement windows or new construction windows.

The Professional 5800 single-slider by Mi Window is:

  • an easy-to-install
  • contractor-friendly window
  • combines thermal performance
  • has long-term durability
  • narrow sight lines
  • modern aesthetics

Our 5800 slider window’s slim profile offers a large viewing area, clean, continuous lines, and unobstructed views. Consequently, this is the perfect solution for any new home construction, remodeling or replacement project.

New windows